The optimal team - Does it Exist?

Yes, we dare us to believe it! It's all about choice, will and clarity. Among other things. Elections - to relate professionally. Will - to contribute to the joint. Clarity - about my role, my needs and my communication.

How do you do? If we as a starting point, a working group with a number of individuals with different grundprofession.Vi has built the team based on pure knowledge needs. It is probably important for the organization - compare, for example, an orchestra - how would it look like if everyone played the flute? It is beautiful with flute, but we beöver bit heavier bass instrument, little strings and a percussion to bring a whole. We need different professional roles and knowledge. In addition, we have different age, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc., what we commonly refer diversity. Our differences are also apparent in our different values, norms and attitudes, which largely affects our cooperation and teamwork.

By increasing insight into how you perceive and are perceived by others and how you affect and allows you to be influenced by others in a group, you can increase your self-awareness and thus can more easily relate to different situations. It becomes easier to communicate in a clear and transparent manner. Sometimes we need to turn the stones that we already turned on or demolish bridges to build new stable. Life is like a big construction site where we constantly builds such as improved self-esteem, more confidence and more stable platform for business concept. An example of a simple tool found below in the attached file - Johari Window, about how we can use communication to build a common arena.

Groups that have put time on clarifying the task, has made it clear division of roles and that has created an open climate is more efficient than average. Companies and organizations are therefore wins significantly more on training on communication and cooperation, to create the same image of the target, etc. than, for example, introducing an additional control.

There are no wands or shortcuts, it's about concrete work! You are doing the job - Nordmark Development provides tools and process management!