You will receive practical tools that develops and leads forward!

Quality, commitment and new perspectives are key words when Nordmark Development Inc. educates and trains managers and employees to create better business. We have thirteen years of experience in consulting and development for both small and large companies.

We provide simple and practical tools for you to be able to work with your leadership in an effective and targeted manner. We start with the goal in mind, and always asks: "What do you have achieved when our work is completed?" This will be our common vision for our cooperation!

We adapt our approach to you, your team and your organization

Through a process-oriented approach combines theory with exercises and reflection. Everything in relation to the living and working situation as you and your business are you in. Based on this, together we will find new perspectives and possible development paths. Concrete examples of our offers can be found in our services.

In missions where Marianne is involved, we focus on behavior rather than properties. This means that we focus on what we do more than who we are. By challenging (in thought) we visualize forces, kommunikaiton, commitment and responsibility.

When asking clients and participants what it is that distinguishes Marianne, then it is, except that she is competent and knowledgeable, words such as "confidence, inspires tranquility, feel safe and responsive" often mentioned.

Nordmark Development Inc.'s customers are in both the private and the public sector (procured by VG region). We offer expert advice, training, supervision and process management to develop leaders and employees, and thereby create better business and a good working environment.

Marianne Nordmark, CEO and owner, has thirteen years of experience working with development and training in leadership and team development. She is a trained economist and behavioral targeting work & organizational psychology, a combination that is appreciated by many clients. Marianne is also trained in conflict management by Thomas Jordan and is certified UGL facilitator. She has of course its own management experience and has also commissioned as an external director.