Do you know where you want?

A clear and communicated scenario creates desire, commitment and desire to participate and also increases the chance of success, both for the individual and for the whole group or company. With clear goals and mission, clarified roles and expectations are guaranteed an effective working team to develop! In addition, we are likely to have more fun on the way!

It's about asking the question: How should the company's business strategy affect the company and employee performance? And that, in addition to the Board and management team, that all other employees are aware of and are working in accordance with the company's goals and strategy. Employees must also receive commissions / commitments that govern their behavior in everyday life to join forces to achieve the set objectives.

Not only do we know what we should do, we also need to connect the strategic objectives of the company's values, norms and culture, that is, how we interact and communicate with each other to achieve a good result.

Questions we can ask when we are working on this issue are:

  • How will it be when it is at its best?
  • How is it now?
  • So, what do you / you / we do?
  • What conditions are needed for this?
  • The difference between the company's now-mode and an identified new mode is exactly the gap that we have to work to achieve the goals.

Depending on what role you have in the company and what situation you are in right now, your need for support and development look different today than yesterday. To lead other managers differs from that lead employees. Maybe you are not formal head but works with project management or agile teams? Or it leads you on a strategic level, perhaps as a director.

We have tools that work to get ahead! But it is you who have to use them. Read more under the corresponding button above, or contact us to bounce thoughts and ideas.


individually or in groups, for both new and experienced managers. Counseling can be done on a single occasion when you feel you want to discuss an issue with any outside organization or last for a longer period. We work with a coaching approach with clear goals.

Process management

when you want to develop cooperation, target images, values or in conflict management. Through a process-oriented approach combines theory with exercises and reflection. Everything in relation to the living and working situation that your company is in. Based on this, together we will find new perspectives and possible development paths.

Skills development

when you want to prevent rather than remedy. We offer leadership development both as open rate and internal company programs, team development tailored to your needs, conflict management, both as a course and in situations where conflict is already a fact.